A case of Anthrax in Texas back in 2023 caused an investigation has to what caused it. Here's what has been revealed.

Texas Rancher Found To Have Anthrax, US Department Investigates

As reported by KXAN, The US Department of Health and Human Services revealed that unidentified rancher made their way to a hospital on January 4th, 2024. Symptoms revealed were as follows:

- a black eschar on his wrist
- blistered lesions on his arm
- extensive edema
- fever
- leukocytosis

Anthrax was eventually found to be illness affecting the rancher. But where the rancher received the sickness from was from a lamb.

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Texas Lamb With Anthrax Causes The Illness In Rancher

The US Department Health and Human Services stated the following after their investigation:

“Five people reported exposure to the lamb: the rancher who butchered the lamb; another person who seasoned and cooked the meat; and three other people who consumed the well-cooked meat. The rancher was the only one who exhibited symptoms consistent with anthrax."

The rancher, due to their slaughter of the sick lamb, contracted anthrax from it. The Centers for Disease Control also stated anthrax bacteria can be discovered in soil. In addition, the rise of outbreaks in the disease are prone to happen in summer, when it is dry and hot.

Recommendations from the CDC to prevent epidemics is that ranchers make sure to vaccinate their animals, and refrain from carving up animals with a cause of death isn't known. As this is a developing story, we will have more information if becomes available.

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