Sometimes I wonder if people are trying to get caught doing stupid things so they can sell their story to Hollywood and make money off the movie rights.

Hmmmmm.  Gotcha thinking, don't I?

This story is so dumb no writer in Hollywood could make it up.  City employee needs truck to carry a load that his personal transportation is not equipped to carry. He borrows a vehicle from the city. Nevermind that the cargo in question is illicit and illegal.  A quick trip back-and-forth, vehicle gets returned, no one is the wiser.

The package in question - 4 kg of cocaine. Alrighty then.

You know it doesn't end up this way.  Nothing this sensitive goes according to plan.

Did I mention that the worker in question was assigned it to the police department? Now you can just feel the tension escalating!

This happened in the border town of Brownsville. There's a lot of this thing going on, but rarely an official government vehicles. 4 kg of cocaine! Police department!

Read the rest of the story here. Be on the lookout for a major motion picture soon, or at least an episode one of your favorite crime shows.