A Corpus Christi woman is unharmed after a mouse caused her to panic and roll her SUV into the bay on Monday. 

Talk about getting the week off to a soggy start! A mouse hitching a ride in one woman's SUV is to blame for a panic attack that rolled an SUV into the Bay near Swatner Park in Corpus Christi.

KRISTV reports the unnamed person was not hurt, just very embarrassed after she felt a mouse brush past her leg as she was getting out of her vehicle. The mouse caused her to jump out of the SUV before securing the vehicle in "park". Instead, the SUV was still in gear, and off it went, down into C.C. Bay.

Police say the park is so close to the water that this isnt the first time a vehicle has ended up in the Bay. The woman says she's had a problem with mice getting into her vehicle in the past. No word on if the mouse made it out of the SUV before sinking in the bay.