The Office of Governor Greg Abbott released a video updating Texans on the state’s efforts to combat the Zika virus.It seems lots of state and federal money has been allocated to fighting the Zika Virus in Texas.

“I have directed the Texas Department of State Health Services to work closely with our local partners and the CDC to prevent a Zika outbreak and prepare the strongest possible response plan,” said Governor Abbott.

We have assembled millions in state and federal funds to attack the problem and we are working closely with local partners to monitor travel-related cases here in Texas. By working together we can stop the spread of this virus and keep Texans healthy.

His office released a video addressing what the state is doing about the potential outbreak, and he gave tips on how you can help keep yourself, and your family, safe.

Interesting side note. He used his dog, Pancake, to help demonstrate what we, as humans acting like dogs, should do to protect ourselves. For more you can go to