Granger Smith's latest project "Dirt Road Driveway" is the only place you can find both Earl Dibbles Jr. songs, "The Country Boy Song," and "Country Boy Love." It's also where you'll find Granger's very first No. 1 single, "Silverado Bench Seat."

Earl Dibbles Jr. is an internet phenomenon -- that and Granger's love of college football have lead them to start a new weekly YouTube segment: Earl Dibbles Jr. Dip 'em and Pick 'em.

"We decided we need a country boy perspective on all these [college football games]. So we're doing 5-10 games each week. There's a lot of different factors that go in to a country boy pick 'em," Granger clarifies. " Look at a team like Oklahoma State, right? Mike Gundy's the coach -- he's got "gun" in his name. Country."

If you missed Week One or Week Two, click on them to get caught up.

The video for "Silverado Bench Seat," debuted earlier this summer on ESPN's College Game Day. Not a bad platform for an independent act, like Granger. So why would ESPN get the scoop? And not, say a CMT? Well, the video stars Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

So with all the ridiculous off-season controversy surrounding Manziel, I had to know. "How much did Granger pay him to star in the music video?"

Listen to Granger's response:

"If I said 'yes,' can you imagine you, Buddy Logan, and this show would be nationally famous... I can't tell you how much," Granger says laughing.

I was cool with Radio Texas, LIVE! being nationally famous, but Granger was being selfish. He wouldn't budge.

Finally, it was a bit of a reluctant official radio debut of his next single "Miles and Mud Tires." Crazy enough, Granger wasn't really feeling me playing it first, at first. But he warmed up to it, turned out it may've been the best official radio debut in the history of radio.

Granger's latest album "Dirt Road Driveway" is out now. Download it here.