We haven't had a nasty headline a minute involving Texas's own amateur adult QB,  so when the story surfaced about Texas A&M bad-boy Johnny Manziel being spotted at an ESPYs party spending the majority of his time playing Pokémon Go, it seemed he'd found an outlet for his cravings. You know, instead of the other absolutely horrible choices made stemming from his uncontrollable impulses. You be the judge:

And yet the questions still linger:

If he is supposed to be in rehab, what is he doing any at kind of social function?

What is he doing in a bar, besides wasting his time with the video game? He could play that anywhere. Preferably someplace not in such close proximity to alcohol.

What is he still doing in Los Angeles?  If someone realizes they have a problem, which we don't know if he has made such a realization but I digress, he needs to get away from the Disneyland of the screwed up narcissistic set.

What is he doing at a party hosted by other, less controversial football notables?  These people are enabling bad behavior,  or at least they could be if Johnny Football would ever tear himself away from a smart phone. Do they not want him to recover and play again?

What is he doing at an event around the ESPY's? Doesn't that draw attention to the sad fact that his off-field conduct has rendered him ineligible for such an award?

I hate to see talent squandered from stupid mistakes, but if playing a video game helps him him recover, then keep looking for Pikachu or whatever.