Manziel May Using Pokemon Go as Therapy
We haven't had a nasty headline a minute involving Texas's own amateur adult QB,  so when the story surfaced about Texas A&M bad-boy Johnny Manziel being spotted at an ESPYs party spending the majority of his time playing Pokémon Go, it seemed he'd found an ou…
Johnny Manziel Heads to NFL Draft + Sends Message to Fans
On and off the field he is one scrutinized collegiate players of all time. And despite growing pains in the glare of the media spotlight -- in the face of his detractors, Johnny Manziel has excelled as few have. After declaring his plan to enter the 2014 draft, Manziel, sent a personal message to Te…
Pick Johnny Manziel’s Halloween Costume
Last October if you lived outside of College Station, and weren't an alum -- there's a good chance you didn't know who Johnny Manziel was. But it wasn't long before the Texas A&M freshman would be the most well-known college football player, ever.
What tradition will finally be broken...Never a Freshman...Never a true Defensive Player. I made a bet with Ronnie Scheopf, an A&M Alum, that there's