Yes. Halloween is my favorite holiday. How can it not be.

You get all the candy goodness, without all the "family" time you have to put in at Christmas. You might think that the baking you get at Christmas would trump the candy. you'd be wrong.

You can get some great baking done on Halloween as well.

  • Candy Corn Cookies

    The Good Candy Corn

    The only downside to Halloween, in my opinion, is the Candy Corn. It's God awful, and yet once you start you just can't stop eating it. It's like a "torture" your soul would be put through in Hell.

    But here is a way to make your own candy corn in a cookie form, that won't make you sick to your stomach. This year, make this, and keep that bag crap in the store. Don't worry, it'll still be there next year if you feel some self-loathing coming on. It's not like it spoils. It'll be what the cockroaches will be eating after Russia nukes the planet.

  • Witches Fingers

    Good Finger Food

    The folks from Salem started it back in the day...Killing witches. Dorthy made it popular in the Wizard of Oz. But what you didn't see was what the munchkins did with the witch after Dorothy took off down the yellow brick road. They ate her fingers.

    Don't judge people, don't judge.

    It's just a way to make sure she didn't come back to life. Sure she shriveled up, but that was like a smoking process. Finger Jerky for everyone.

    Now you can continue the tradition without doing any real killing. It's Witches Fingers for all. A nice way to give everyone the finger this Halloween.

  • No Bake Items

    Easy Peasy

    Some folks don't like to bake, but don't want to be left out of the Halloween fun. No problem. Just try these ideas out and make the kids smile.

  • Rice Crispy Treats

    Scary Treats

    Everyone love Rice Crispy Treats. Halloween makes the treats even better with the ability to decorate. Watch this and amaze your friends and family this holiday.

  • Monster Cookies

    Everything in a Cookie

    The most addicting Halloween treat is a cookie loaded with everything kids, and adults, like.

    Peanut Butter, M&M's, Chocolate Chips, Oatmeal, Sugar, More Sugar, More everything.