MLB playoffs are officially underway! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still totally and completely shocked that the Cubs actually WON the World Series last year! It was pretty awesome. While it's been a while since I lived in the city I grew up in, I've always been a fan of the loveable losers - The Chicago Cubs. My little brother John (now in his 30's) has been a Cubs employee for 10 seasons. I remember talking him into going for that first interview and chasing his dream. It was awesome to see him get that job.

I grew up watching the Cubs lose a lot more games than I've seen them win (until recently), but something happened this week that was pretty cool. Back in 1991, the Cubs finished the regular season out of the playoff picture, but a much-improved team. Harry Caray spoke those famous words at the end of that season...

Sure as God made green apples, someday the Chicago Cubs are gonna be in a World Series.

Just days ago, the Cubs finished their final game of the 2017 season. As my brother arrived for work the next day for meetings to prepare for the playoffs, he noticed something special and snapped the photo below.

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The Harry Caray statue sits outside the ballpark beyond center field. When you see the iconic scoreboard on tv, Harry's statue is out on the street corner directly behind the scoreboard. He loved the bleacher setting and being among the people. My brother noticed someone had placed a pair of green apples at the foot of Harry's statue with a note written on a piece of cardboard.

The note reads "Hey Harry, Last year that "someday" finally came. Here's some god made green apples to help take us all back to another "someday". Enjoy the games from above with Ernie, Ronnie, Hey Hey Jack, and all the other Cub greats and fans."

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An Astros vs Cubs World Series would be amazing this year! Best of both worlds.  I'm not sure the Cubs have the tools they had last year but who knows. If anything, seeing these photos this week helped me feel a little less sad after the horrible headlines coming out of Las Vegas days ago. Baseball, family, America. It's still the greatest place on earth you could live.

Bring on the postseason! Best of luck to YOUR favorite ball club as well. Most importantly, find a friend and enjoy a game this postseason. As sure as God made green apples, you'll be glad ya did.

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