All of us love food in the state of Texas right?

After all, we do need it survive. There's plenty of options for one to eat. It could healthy, or perhaps a little bit on the unhealthy side.

Whatever the choice may be, many different ways of cooking a dish is also available to patrons. It is hard to believe, but there are different ways to prepare food. But sometimes, one gets tired of the way a food is readied, leading them to another potential eatery.

If one like smaller burgers known as sliders, well a new place is set to make their presence known in the state. The restaurant, known as Smalls Sliders, is coming to Austin soon. But when exactly?

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Smalls Sliders Coming To Austin, Texas

As reported by Eater Austin, the company began in the year of 2019, in Louisiana. Funding for the eatery also comes from a former NFL Quarterback, Drew Brees. The menu, as reported by the news organization, consists of various items.


The restaurant already has locations in the South, with places of businesses in Georgia and Florida for example. Plans are not just for Austin as well, other cities in Texas are planned to receive eateries as well. Cities in Texas include Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, New Braunfels, and Tyler per Eater Austin.

As for the city of Austin, the eateries are set to make their debut in 2025. Are you excited for them to arrive? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app! 

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