Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin announced their split after 10 years of marriage and two kids yesterday (March 25), to no one's surprise. The actress was vocal about the struggles with their marriage in media interviews, so the breakup wasn't shocking. But multiple sources have come forward to explain exactly what went wrong.

Again, if you paid attention to Paltrow's discussions of her marriage, all of this seems fairly familiar and maybe even a tad obvious.

First, the split isn't acrimonious.

One insider told E!, "It's not a sad thing. They're two grown-ups. They're best friends. Most important are the kids and they will continue to co-parent. They're in a great place. They tried, but know this is a better way for them to be. They still love each other, but they realize it's best not to be a couple anymore."

It should be noted that Paltrow and Martin did say that they had "hearts full of sadness" in their statement on the split. So it is a sad thing, just not in the way you'd think.

Second, they didn't just give up on marriage. They had rocky stretches, like any couple or relationship, and they tried to get past the problems, which they alluded to in the post on her Goop site, which crashed as it was flooded with traffic after the big reveal. Turns out their efforts just didn't work.

"They both really believed in the sanctity of marriage and the role model it provided for their kids," another source told E!. "Both of their parents were married their entire lives, and they really wanted the same for their kids. They stuck it out for a long time."

A third source offered a harsher inside look at the Paltrow-Martin "uncoupling," to use Gwynnie's phrase. "They grew apart," the other source claimed. "They fell out of love. The one thing that kept them together was the kids. The kids mean the world to them. The love was lost. They realized that they were more friends and not lovers and they were at different stages of their careers."

Anytime a longtime couple splits, it's sad, so we're bummed for this uncoupling.

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