Every time I write about H-E-B, I say something like "we're so blessed to have them" or "H-E-B is one of the best things about living in Texas".

Well, I'm not going to stop any time soon, because A) I sincerely believe it B) they keep finding ways to surprise us and cater to more Texans in new and innovative ways.

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Some H-E-B Stores Now Accept Cryptocurrency

Great news for fans of crypto - some H-E-B stores are installing cryptocurrency kiosks that give you the option of using digital dollars like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum to pay for your stuff.

The bummer - they're only in the Houston area so far. But, this is pretty exciting news for folks who are all in on digital currency for whatever reason: they don't trust banks, they like the flexibility, or they just enjoy saying they bought a basketful of groceries with something called Dogecoin.

H-E-B Partnered With a Las Vegas Company on This One

So, it's not just H-E-B making this magic happen. The Houston Chronicle reports that Las Vegas, Nevada-based company Coin Cloud is installing the kiosks, which will allow customers to not only check out with crypto, but also buy or sell crypto using cash or credit right there in the store.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

If you're like me, you've probably had some trouble wrapping your mind around what exactly cryptocurrency is.

Full disclosure: I still scratch my head quite a bit when far more knowledgeable people talk about it. But, I've found that videos like the one below do a great job of explaining it in simple terms.

On a very basic level, cryptocurrencies are a decentralized, unregulated digital currency that's thought to be more secure and, in many cases, give buyers more anonymity and protection.

It's next-level capitalism, y'all.

When Will We See These Cryptocurrency Kiosks in Central Texas?

That remains to be seen, but if the ones being installed in the Houston area do well, I think we'll see them sooner than later. H-E-B is Texas-based and focused, and I think they could roll this out statewide pretty quickly if Coin Cloud can keep up.

I imagine there's also talk of giving customers a crypto option for online orders as well.

Will There Ever Be An H-E-B Cryptocurrency?

The company hasn't said if they will create their own cryptocurrency at some point. This is just me pondering the possibility and having a little fun.

H-E-B, and any company for that matter, could choose to create their own crypto, which would essentially be like arcades issuing their own tokens back in the day. That would raise the question if they'd only accept H-E-B cryptocurrency, or just give certain discounts for using it instead of Bitcoin or Dogecoin.

Again, this is just me having a little fun.

I want to know what they'd called their version of crypto.

H-E-Bits? H-E-Bucks? H-E-Buddybitbucks?

Ok, I'll stop.

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