According to investigators of a bizarre case involving an H-E-B grocery store in San Antonio, Texas a woman was allegedly sending threatening text messages to multiple staff members, particularly the curbside pick up workers, over the course of several days late this past summer. San Antonio Police responded to the reported messages and began an investigation on August 30th.

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3 weeks later, on September 20th, the case at the Potranco Road H-E-B escalated with an active bomb threat claiming there was an explosive in the store, and it would be going off soon. The very next day additional text messaged rolled in saying the bomb is ready.

Thankfully, no bomb was ever found and nobody was physically harmed during the entire process of the investigation, and police were able to track the origin of the messages to a now former employee Maria Martinez. Messages continued into the 22nd of September saying things like,

"You all better be here at H-E-B right now. You will all die. I hate you all."

How were the San Antonio, Texas Police able to determine it was Martinez?

According to investigators, the messages were originating with a program called TextNow that allows you to send messages through a system and without needing a mobile phone. Once they learned the origin of the messages, they were able to trace the IP address to Martinez's home where she reportedly lives with her father an mother.

Martinez was arrested, and has already bonded out. You can read more in this KENS 5 article.

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