H-E-B is the best grocery store in all the land, that's a fact. Great Prices, great products, great people and now they will be ahead of the technology game too. Shoppers near the Olmos Park store in San Antonio will soon have access to H-E-B deliveries from a driverless van, Madison Iszler of  the Houston Chronicle reports

The grocery giant has teamed up with Udelv,  a California-based company that creates autonomous vehicles for it's latest experiment. Customers approximately five miles from Olmos Park can get all their goodies delivered from a self-driving van starting in the fall.

The first phase will have an Udelv driver operating the vehicle so that the system can learn the area. An H-E-B employee will also ride along to load and unload the van. Seems like the employee could just drive a normal van, but I guess they will be able to nap... for an up to five-minute drive? Hmm.

It's been two years since Governor Abbott signed a bill allowing self-driving vehicles on Texas streets. So maybe someone at H-E-B has been itching to use em. Bought a whole bunch at wholesale price or something.

No, I guess it's neat and all, but if you live Olmos Park keep an eye out you never know who might not be driving that van over there!

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