I believe it's important to count your blessings every day. You're breathing, you have access to running water, and of course, you live in Texas. Which means you can shop at H-E-B, the greatest blessing of them all.

That's why I was not surprised at all to read from CBS Austin that H-E-B CEO Charles Butt, was named the second most loved CEO in all of the U.S of A. However I am disappointed he is not number one. The top spot goes to VMware's Pat Gelsinger. I didn't know anything about Pat, so I just googled him and he looks like a Steve Jobs wannabe, doing Ted talks with the Bieber mic and what not, come on. Charles was robbed I tell you!

This poll from Glassdoor, a job and recruiting site, is based on voluntarily employee feedback. The pollsters stay anonymous, which is good because Butt got a 99% approval rating soo that 1% would be immediately terminated. No, no, Charles looks like Mr. Rodgers.

Congrats, Chuck, you earned it!

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