One thing that is often overlooked is how often a musical artist struggles their whole life and never reaches a place of sound financial security, or the benefits that come from achieving a high level of success. Right now in Austin, Texas HAAM Fest is happening that is specifically designed to support all those struggling artists to continue following artistic passion, and chasing their dream.

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HAAM stands for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. The organization's mission is to assist the many buskers of "The Live Music Capital of the World," receive access to much needed medical support.

Sometimes an artist looks a certain way because of personal hygiene and styling preferences, and other times it comes from a lack of access to quality health care due to the overwhelming expense that we all know it proves to be.

How can I help support HAAM Fest?


Obviously anything all musical artists and performers want is to see smiling faces attending their shows, even more so if those faces are singing along to their lyrics. If you can't attend HAAM Fest today and support in person, there are links available to send financial gifts to help continue the cause.

Just like everything else on Earth, if an audience does not support a local industry, it will go away. In this case, the industry's health is directly tied to the health of the guild.

You can keep the creators strong and healthy, and therefore keep the music scene throughout the Austin area healthy as well.

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