Rain and powerful updrafts can create hail. It's usally a preamble to a Tornado, which makes hail even more dangerous.Hail is truly mesmerizing, which works as a distraction. This is bad because when we see hail our first thought should be to take cover because a twister could be coming next.

Being raised in the most northern part of Tornado Ally I'm sure my most memorable "hail" moment doesn't compare to those who were raised in the heart of twister land, but the I have a hail situation that has stuck with me for almost 15 years.

I was working at a radio station in Bismarck/Mandan North Dakota. Each year the area would host a massive car show, and a Airstream convention.  Those are the long silver

It was coming down hard and fast, also large

campers. Well each year during this time it would seem to storm, and this time was no different. We had a little warning that hail was coming so I quickly ran out and parked my car under a tree. I had just gotten back in the building when the hail his. It was coming down hard and fast, also large. The ground was covered in white, which for North Dakota isn't that big of a deal, but this wasn't snow. Even parked under the tree my car was hailed out. The car looked like a golf ball. They say that heat will pop out dents in your car. Well shortly afterword I moved to Texas. I had that car down here in the summer heat for a decade, and it was still hailed out when I sold it this past year.

When I saw this video from Tennessee, I had a flashback. The speed and amount was about the same, but the hailstones here are a lot smaller.