The only question you'll be left with after this story should be, "So, did they honeymoon and join the mile-high club?".  A question from an airline on Twitter led to a phony vacation flight filled with family, friends and a soon-to-be fiancee and husband.

When I proposed I knew I was getting a "yes".  I still made sure I proposed alone on a beach at night to make sure I wasn't humiliated should I have gotten a response I wasn't anticipating.  I'm always amazed at the confidence of guys proposing on the big screen at sporting events, or in front of family and friends, or even in a venue filled with strangers.  There's always that risk of rejection combined with the humiliating, judgemental stares from the rest of the crowd.

Luckily for this story, all went according to plan.  The bride-to-be even seems to be cool with going with the flow.  No bridezillas here.