KWES is reporting sad news out of North Texas today as wildfires continue to burn down homes and ranches in parts of the state's panhandle. The home of author John R. Erickson has reportedly been lost to the fires.

Erickson's books introduced a character many students who grew up in Texas will remember from their childhood - good ol' Hank the Cowdog! Erickson lived on the M-Cross Ranch about 25 miles south of Perryton, Texas. Erickson's daughter told KWES that her parents were able to escape the fire along with their horses, but sadly all of their cattle died as a result of the wildfires.

Erickson has written and published 75 books along with over 600 articles over his career, but is best known for his series of Hank the Cowdog novels for children. The Author was born in Midland but moved to Perryton during his early childhood. Hank the Cowdog began as a series in Erickson's own garage before becoming a favorite of kids nationwide.


BONUS VIDEO: A young fan reading from their favorite Hank the Cowdog adventure!

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