It's nice to know our tax dollars are going towards proving what we in these parts already know instinctively: brisket is a gift from Heaven.

Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientist  Dr. Stephen Smith recently lectured that oleic acid,  which brisket has more of than other cuts of meat, actually reduces bad cholesterol.

Yes, that's right friends: the fat from beef is our healthy friend. Who knew?! ;)

There is a catch however: Smith's data applies primarily to brisket that has been converted into ground beef. So get your hands on that brisket burger if you want to see these results, I suppose.

I've got to hand it to Dr. Smith for having such an awesome gig. Here he is quoted in the Texas Agrilife Today publication from A&M:

“The primary goal of my research program is to evaluate methods to increase the marbling and healthfulness of beef,” Smith said. “My universe evolves around oleic acid. It’s the most abundant fatty acid in beef. It’s also most abundant in canola oil and olive oil. When cattle are fed high-concentrated diets for a long period, the meat becomes high in oleic acid and other monounsaturated fats."

In other words, healthier cows for healthier people. That's something every Texan can get behind!  And he's help making it possible.

By the way, I sampled brisket from Fat Boys in Temple on Friday night, and Miller's Smokehouse in Belton Sunday.  I don't know if I feel healthier but I certainly feel happier!