The favorite grocer in Texas has fallen to second place in the nation.

According to a report from Dunnhumby, a global customer data science company, research shows that Amazon has taken the lead as the top grocer in the U.S.

Dunnhumby used multiple dimensions such as "ranking results from a combination of financial success, emotional bond, and performance on preference drivers," to determine their findings.

It's not hard to guess why Amazon recently took first place. As we currently navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are doing their grocery shopping online. While H-E-B does offer online shopping, the company is solely based in Texas, leaving the rest of America to rely on Amazon.

H-E-B took the top slot last year, with Trader Joe's coming in second, and Amazon placing third. Again, that was all before the coronavirus hit. This year Amazon takes the number one spot, H-E-B places second, and Trader Joe slides down to third.

As a Texan, I've maintained allegiance to H-E-B. After all, Davy Crockett died for our sins. Just kidding, that's just a Texan joke I recently learned. Seriously though, as Texans we love helping our neighbor, and H-E-B has always been there for us. While the nation might think Amazon is the best, we here in Texas know the truth.

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