I swore it wouldn't happen, but here I am burnt out on every "quick easy" recipe that I make on the regular. Whenever I get on Pinterest for a quick easy recipe it's either the most calorie packed snack that can't really count as a meal or it's requiring me to pick up 87 different ingredients. I have yet to try companies like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, I realize I may have to try that if I can't get some better recipes going. By the time I get home from work it's after 7:00 and I am not a fan of taking an hour in the kitchen and have dinner by 8:30. I have been trying to limit going through the drive thru or eating out at some of my favorite restaurants until the weekend. I'm exhausted and far from motivated in the kitchen during the work week.

Moms, dads, single folks, what is your go to recipe to save time in the kitchen and that is easy to throw together. Feel free add a link to your favorite recipe in the comments below. I'll try a few next week and rate them based on how easy and delicious they are. Send those recipes my way!

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