The quarantine has got all of us finding new ways to entertain ourselves. From hours of streaming to jigsaw puzzles to learning to paint, this is a time to learn some new skills, or go crazy. This pandemic has also got us all in the kitchen more than we usually are.

So, how is this affecting our cooking and eating habits now versus pre-pandemic?

Hunter, a food and beverage PR and marketing company, surveyed 1,000 adults to find out.

Here are a few highlights from the Hunter Food Study Special Report: America Gets Cooking:

People are jumping into the kitchen more with 54% of us cooking more while 46% of us are baking more. Plus 44% of us are getting more adventurous in the kitchen with new ingredients and new brands and products. We're also trying new recipes. The study shows 60% of those surveyed have tried something new.

But not everyone is eating healthy. 40% of the people are eating more indulgent foods. And finally, all, this time in the kitchen is giving 50% of us more confidence. The joys of cooking.

How about you? Tried any new recipes lately?

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