My pup is ready to go back to daycare, but the services offered in Temple/Belton are far from cheap.

Hello, dog mom here,

I'm looking to enroll my baby boy Sonny into doggy daycare. Sonny is a Dachshund, and is 3 years old. Sonny previously attended daycare when we lived in Waco, but since moving to Temple he's been chilling at home while Mommy is at work.

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I absolutely adore my fur baby, and he always wants plenty of attention and love. I feel terrible when I leave him home alone, and I'm looking to put Sonny back in daycare. However, there are a few obstacles in the way.

First of all, Sonny's previous daycare in Waco was recommended to me by a friend and fellow dog mom. I haven't received any recommendations on daycare here in the Temple/Belton area, which has left me to search on my own. Not having a referral leaves me a little uneasy, but obviously I can still research reviews.

Next, the daycare here is EXPENSIVE! This is surprising to me, because I definitely expected things to be cheaper here than in Waco. My previous daycare charged $14 a day for dogs under 25 pounds, and $16 for dogs over 25 pounds. Sonny is healthy and weighs in at 23.8 pounds, so I only spent $14 a day for daycare. Plus, that's the cost after the business upped their prices. It used to be just $12 a day for dogs under 25 pounds, and $14 a day for dogs over 25 pounds.

The more expensive daycares in Waco correlate with the prices here in Temple/Belton. Since they are so similar, I thought they would offer the same amenities, but they absolutely do not, which is shocking to me.

For example, expensive daycares in Waco offer live webcams so that you can watch what your pup is up to at any time. I couldn't find one daycare in the Temple/Belton area that offered that.

Also, I'm a fan of my pup being kennel-free. Some daycares offer limited playtime and the dogs are mainly kept in kennels. I'm looking for a place that offers Sonny the opportunity to play the day away and rest comfortably when he's tired. I would like to stay in the $14 a day range, so if you have a suggestion, please drop a comment!

If you're looking to start a business, apparently Temple/Belton needs more dog daycares that don't cost an arm and leg and that offer live webcams for doggy viewing.

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