You can file this one under #onlyinTexas.

Many of us have been affected by the inordinate amount of rain falling on the lone star state, but have y'all considered who else might be affected?

This morning a Pearland resident named Chris Tuey caught footage of six calves taking a leisurely stroll through the area's Southfork neighborhood.

It's like a scene out of West Side Story. I keep expecting to see another gang of cows show up from the other side of the street, snapping their fingers.

The best guess as to why this pack of calves was walking around uneasily in a residential neighborhood is because of the flooding. The calves caused no damage and are sticking together.

Brazoria County Animal Control received word on Wednesday at around 7:30 a.m. about the slight intrusion, but Pearland police was able to herd them back to where they came from.

Ravenail via YouTube
Ravenail via YouTube

The only citation you could give these calves is maybe noise pollution for mooing too loud.

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