An idea that seemed rather far-fetched is quickly becoming a reality for Central Texas. High-speed trains seem more and more likely to be headed for Central Texas thanks to groups like Texas Central Partners.

Developers with Texas Central Partners want Texans to get excited about the proposed high-speed rail system being designed to take passengers from Dallas to Houston in about 90 minutes.

We've mentioned this idea before, but the project really seems to be taking off, and now Texas Central Partners say the trains could be in service by the year 2025. It's being a called a project that will further distinguish Texas from the rest of the United States.

According to KWTX, high-speed trains would go from Dallas down the eastern edge of Central Texas moving through Navarro, Freestone, and Leon counties. The trains would travel some 25-30 feet in the air and travel at a speed of 220 miles-per-hour.

The project is expected to add about 10,000 jobs each year for the first five to six years.

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