They’re everywhere!

I’m talking about Karens. You know who Karens are, right?

A Karen is typically a white woman who feels they have a sense of privilege over anybody they encounter. A "Karen" also craves attention in a situation in which they can’t get their way.

The meaning of the name-turned-meme has broadened to cover anyone who feels a sense of entitlement, demands to see a manager, throws a fit over something trivial, or just generally complains about people who are simply minding their own business and not hurting anyone. They simply thrive on complaining.

Here is a prime example of a Karen:

A new study from the website BIONIC, run by a group business comparison experts, analyzed over 100,000 consumer reviews to find the most common complainers and where they are the most active.

Well, sorry to inform you guys that Texas is number two for complainers after California and before New York.

Yes, Texas is second on the list with over 103,700 Karens!

The study shows that the United States, out of all countries, has the most Karens with over 1.5 million.

Sure, we nickname these people Karen, but here are the top 20 actual names of women and men most likely to complain. (I swear it's funny that this is even a study, but here we are.)

Here are the top results for women:


It gets better. The study also showed that 6% of all complaints are from men named John.

The name appeared 136 times and accounted for 6% of all complaints, much more than Karen or Louise.

Hands down, John is the biggest complainer of them all!

Here are the top results for men:

Paul  (Yeah, people named Paul are horrible.)

The least likely to complain are people named Gary, George and Edward, who don't seem complain at all. At least, not enough to make a blip on the statistical radar.

So, if you know people that have any of these names, watch out! They complain way too much.

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