Over the last few years, the honeybee population has been quickly declining. So the variety and the sheer number of wildflowers off the highway makes my daily commute up and down I-35 very pleasant and encouraging. Honey bees need at least ten pollen sources to survive, but a strong flower season isn't enough to keep the flying insects around.

One major contributor to the dwindling numbers is the chemicals used in many pesticides. Most crops rely on pollination through bees to survive, so to use a pesticide with a universal poison is counterproductive. Currently, a handful of bills designed to protect bees are running through the Texas Legislature. But the best thing we can do is protect them ourselves.

What do I know about honey bee farming? Well, I don't wanna brag, but growing up I did win 'Williamson county best-tasting honey'  by a landslide I might add. Still got the trophies somewhere. Anyway, we need bees, without them, the H-E-B shelves would all but be bare.

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