Demolition of the pedestrian bridge near 8th street in Waco began Tuesday night. There have been a handful of safety concerns revolving around the construction, but one individual cares for a different reason.

KXXV reports that Waco resident Virgil Bell is saddened to see the bridge go, due to it being his favorite spot to pray.

Bell was known to stand and pray throughout the day on the bridge over I-35 and now plans to find another bridge or two. he stated, "Hope is still alive whether you see me on this bridge or not."

The other concerns involve student safety. Many students used the bridge to go to and from class. Alternative routes are quite a bit further. For the students staying on campus during the summer, it should go without saying that crossing the interstate is never an option.

As of now the best option to cross safely is at Fourth and Fifth street, 12th street and University Parks Drive. And the city is looking at public transportation as a resource.

I'm sure Bell is keeping all the students in his prayers.

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