Officials with the Fort Worth Stock Show have confirmed a Horse has died after suffering a spinal chord injury as part of the events this past weekend.

The 9-year-old horse named Treasure of Patience crashed into the wall during a video captured by rodeo fans in attendance. This video can be viewed using the link above or the full version below. The crash happened as part of the Saddle Bronc event that saw the horse crash directly into the wall and collapse to the ground kicking its legs. The rider on the horse was not hurt.

Rodeo workers rushed to get the horse onto an orange tarp so it could be removed from the area. The announcers encouraged the stunned crown to pray for Treasure of Patience as they looked on.

This is the 2nd horse injured during a Saddle Bronc run this year. Another horse was injured on January 16th of this year in Fort Worth.

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