So far. Because as I found out, recently more & more shows are either being filmed, made, or set in Texas. Most of the shows are live action but as we'll find out, turns out Texas is no stranger to animation either.

Perhaps you remember this Nickeloden show called

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Anyone's who watched the show knows the show takes place in Retroville. But in a 2020 Central Track article, there's plenty of evidence that the show does indeed take place in Texas:

  • The production team, DNA Productions, was founded & based in Dallas,
  • One of the creators, Keith Alcorn, went to school at the University of Texas at Arlington
  • Bowling For Soup (a Texas band) did the theme song for the 2001 movie, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • there's even 2 episodes ("Stranded" & "Lights! Camera! Danger!" that suggest evidence that the show was set in Texas

So yes that's why it's here on my list.

Also this scene was too funny NOT to include here:

Neighbors From Hell

No they didn't set the show in "Hell" Paso, but rather Houston, TX. The short lived TBS show starring  Will Sasso, Molly Shannon & Jane Lynch only ran for 10 seasons. But nevertheless, it WAS set in Texas so it goes here.

But when you think of animated tv shows, there's one creator/animator synonymous with Texas... Mike Judge.

Mike Judge has given us not 1, but 2 amazing cartoon shows. But before we get there, we can't forget about...


While the show takes place in Lawndale, the show ORIGINALLY was set in Highland, TX as it was established in the very first episode. There's also this little crossover...

Which brings us nicely to

Beavis & Butthead

The show that really kicked off Mike Judge's animation career; the show is set in the fictional city of Highland, TX . It's also a show that many are...hesitant to call it a Texas show but IT IS.

Can't forget the moments of Beavis & Butt-Head showing praise for Texas bands.

King of the Hill

And last but not least, we have THE Texas show that I'm sure all of you were waiting for. One of the greatest Texas tv shows out there, King of the Hill. Set in Arlen, the mentions to Texas throughout its 13 season run (12 years) were ever so present.

Some have even traveled to find the REAL Strickland Propane & they have.

We'll see if more animated shows will be set in Texas in the future

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