Am I the only one who turns into a two headed monster in traffic?

Via Dani's Pics

I'm not going to lie to you guys. I am an absolute crazy person when it comes to traffic. Although I'm usually a pretty pleasant person most of the time, you probably do NOT want to get in my passenger's seat. Something about sitting on the same spot on the highway for 15 minutes without moving makes me turn into Cruella Devile! The fact that Central Texas has turned into one giant construction zone has not helped my driving behavior. Realistically, I probably honk at someone 3-4 times a day. And with project end dates for certain areas projected as far ahead as 2015, this traffic isn't disappearing any time soon.

So  yesterday I asked you guys on Facebook to give me tips for dealing with traffic like a normal person and you had great suggestions! In fact, the response was so good, I decided to combine all your tips and advice, along with a little extra research, and turn it into a post! Check out our tips for dealing with all this messy traffic.

-KEEP YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC ON HAND: Whether you have a favorite burned CD, or you just turn on the radio, listening to music is a good way to distract yourself from the traffic around you. Singing along with Miranda Lambert at the top of your lungs may make you forget that you haven't moved in 10 minutes.

-LEARN ALTERNATIVE ROUTES- Many of you suggested taking roads like Stan Schleuter and Elms Road to get around some of the busiest areas in Killeen. Most smart phones have a map app that will show you alternative routes to get around traffic!

-CHECK OUT TRAFFIC CONDITIONS IN ADVANCE- With all the construction happening on I-35, they have a website dedicated to traffic conditions. Check it out HERE.

-WRAP YOUR STEERING WHEEL IN BUBBLE WRAP!- I absolutely love this idea one of our Facebook users gave us! Wrap your steering wheel in bubble wrap, so when you get annoyed on another level, you can take it out on the bubble wrap instead of the other drivers!

-DOWNLOAD A PODCAST OR AUDIO BOOK- There are literally thousands of podcasts you can download for free on every subject! My husband usually makes us to listen to Fantasy Football podcasts on long roadtrips, and I gotta say, my team is doing alot better this year!

-PLAY A CAR GAME- Got someone else in the car with you? Try out a car game! My personal favorites are name that tune and 20 questions!

-TAKE DEEP BREATHS- This may sound cliche, but sometimes you just need to take a couple of deep breaths in and out, and realize you can't do anything about the traffic. Just remember, eventually it will be over!

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