There's two guarantees in Texas, heat and traffic.

We've all gotten stuck behind a ton of brake lights at one time. It always so incredibly frustrating as well isn't it? It always has to be when we're in a hurry too!

So to suffice to say, we all dislike traffic in the Lone Star State. However, there's always going to be a traffic jam here in Texas right? Some places also have backup that is just...almost unbearable.

Is there anyway to find out where the most overcrowded roadways are in Texas? Well of course there is!

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Discovering The Most Crowded Roadways In Texas

So where do you go to find out what Lone Star roads you should probably avoid? Well according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, the data is good for some areas of Texas, while others may be hitting the brake pedal more than the gas pedal. Here's the best news for those in the Killeen/Temple area:

We don't have any roads in the Top 100! Woo!

However, the Austin-Round Rock area wasn't so lucky, with 11 roadways placed in the Top 100. But that doesn't compare to the one area of Texas that houses the most roadways that are jampacked with other cars.

Where Is The Place In Texas Where You're Bound To Get In A Traffic Jam?

Unsurprisingly, the Dallas-Fort Worth area took the top of the podium with 39 roads checking in on the Top 100. Spectrum News reports that three roadways around there even landed in the top ten!

Well, what else can we say except drive safe Texas!

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