Well hello there everyone! Wait, hold on, let the try that one again: Howdy everyone! Name's Tommy Paradise, and suffice to say, I am very new around these parts.

Join Me Afternoons on US 105

As you may have noticed tuning in this week, I'm riding with you weekdays from 3PM-7PM here on US 105. I look forward to bringing you great music and all the fun stuff happening around Central Texas, and you can talk to me using the Chat or Call buttons in our free app.

Back in Texas By Way of Alabama

To be honest, this is the first time I've been back in Texas for a long while. I was born in San Bernardino, California. After 2 years of living there, we then moved to San Antonio, where my little brother Alex was born.

I was 2 when we moved to San Antonio, and when we left I was 4. Naturally, I don't really remember much of my time in this great state. After moving to Georgia and growing up there, I graduated high school and decided to go to college at...

The University of Alabama.

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Before you boo me, just know I started going to school AFTER the 2010 National Championship between Alabama and Texas. So I watched that game, but I wasn't in attendance.

I also got to attend 2 National Championship with the Million Dollar Band! Yes I am indeed a band nerd, and am still one to this day. I've marched pretty much all over the Southeast, including one time in Dallas in 2012.

It's Good to Be Back in the Lone Star State

That was pretty much the last time I was in the state of Texas, but now I'm back after 7 wonderful years of working in Alabama.

Some ask why I would come out to Texas and basically hit the reset button on my life, and the answer is pretty simple.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so why the heck not? I'm already looking for a cowboy hat to wear around town and when I visit friends and family to be honest.

Here's to having fun in this great state!

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