The sky lit up on Sunday night in North Texas, and several people were able to film a meteor streaking across the sky.

The celestial spectacle occurred at about 8:57 PM, and fortunately lots of people were able to film the event as a meteor crossed the sky and was seen from as far away as Austin and even into Oklahoma.

CBSDFW reports that it was also seen in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri.

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The American Meteor Society said they received about 150 reports of a "fireball" heading in a northeasterly direction and lasting about four seconds in the night sky. Many took to social media to show their videos, with some saying they heard the sonic boom that accompanied the meteor.

Oddly enough, no joke here, I was watching Jordan Peel's new version of "The Twilight Zone" last night - season one, episode seven titled "Not All Men." It's the one where a girl is at a guy's house on a date when a meteor streaks across the sky and lands nearby. Something about the meteor turns all the men violent and crazy. Weird, right?

Fortunately nothing crazy happened here in Texas outside of the sky suddenly going bright. You may remember back in 2013 when the Chelyabinsk meteor passed over Russia. The 66-foot space rock exploded about 97,000 feet in the air, but the shockwave caused windows to be blown out, buildings to be damaged, and people to be hurt. If you want to read about some really wild stuff, check out the 1908 Tunguska Event.

This could be a preview of the Perseid Meteor Shower, which will fill the August sky with meteor showers. They say Aug. 11-13 will be the peak of showers for viewing.

Let's stoke the conspiracy fire on aliens and UFOs a little here. Ever heard that meteors are just the way aliens visit Earth? Maybe what was streaking across the North Texas sky was just some aliens heading out on a Earth vacation.

Okay, probably not, but there are some people who actually believe that.

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