We hear about human smuggling in Texas all the time especially being reported with all the activity involving border crossings at all hours of the day. Stories of coyotes sneaking people across hundreds of miles of terrain in attempts to reach the United States have become central story lines in dozens of movies and television series.

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The depiction of human smuggling in works of fiction with the design to entertain audiences as a version of escape from everyday life is one of the reasons people are still so shocked to discover it is literally happening in your own neighborhood.

How many were arrested in this most recent Texas human smuggling case?


5 men were arrested in Kyle, Texas after an investigation that involved SWAT:

  • 28-year-old Rodrigo Rodriguez-Villanueva of Mexico
  • 28-year-old Christian Martinez of Mexico
  • 25-year-old Isaac Briones-Villela of Buda
  • 17-year-old Carlos Briones of Mexico
  • 17-year-old Rogelio Fruto-Sanchez of Mexico

It is reported that these men were part of an operation to smuggle five people into the United State, and once the people arrived, they were then being ransomed in an attempt to collect even more money from the victim's families.

What is next for the men that were arrested in Kyle, Texas?


The men have been charged with Organized Criminal Activity and Trafficking of Persons. The tactic of smuggling people into the country, and then holding out for more money is a very common tactic of this criminal enterprise.

You can read more about the investigation and arrest in this KXAN article. Remember to always remain aware of your surroundings as this could be happening in your community, just like it was on Voyager Cove in Kyle.

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