A new report based on FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics lists Hutto as the safest city in Texas.

According to a report from Alarms.org, Hutto is, statistically speaking, the least likely town in which to be a crime victim in the Lone Star State. The list states that in 2018, Hutto reported only 98 crimes. Only 11 of those reported crimes were violent, and the other 87 were mere property crimes.

Other Central Texas cities that made the list include Georgetown, Robinson and Hewitt. Georgetown was listed at number 24, Robinson ranked at number 36, and Hewitt came in at number 38.

Belton barely made the top 100, coming in at number 99.

Safety scores were determined by 2 major factors: police adequacy and total crime rate. Data was taken from over 2,800 different law enforcement agencies to confirm police adequacy, which is the total amount of crime divided by the number of police employees. Much like golf, the smaller the number, the better.

Do you agree with the report? Have you lived in any of the listed cities and did you consider them safe?

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