It's been a week since the sun finally came out and started thawing a frozen Central Texas, but many of our friends and neighbors are still dealing with the aftermath.

There've been reports of people who are still without water at apartment complexes or in private homes that experienced ruptured pipes. With no water available, daily routines we take for granted become difficult or even impossible, including taking a shower for work and cleaning up around the home.

If you're a Temple area resident dealing with lack of water right now and could use some supplies, Heart to Heart International has donated hygiene kits to a number of locations across the city.

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According to a news release from the Temple Police Department, a limited supply of these hygiene kits, along with blankets and cleaning supplies, are available at the following locations:

Cultivate, 306 E Adams
Wake-Up Temple
Salvation Army, 419 W Avenue G
St. Vincent de Paul, 106 W Avenue D
Grace Temple Ministries, 801 S 13th St.
Central Texas Tae Kwon Do, 1719 W Avenue M
Our Lady of Guadalupe, 707 S 6th St. (Beginning Next M-F March 1-5, From 1-4 PM)

Please don't be shy about accepting this gift if you could use it right now. We're recovering from a week-long natural disaster and these organizations are just trying to help our community come back stronger.

Speaking of, the City of Temple this week announced the establishment of a Temple Recovery Taskforce in partnership with relief effort coordination group Crisis Cleanup. If you could use help with a recovery project in Temple, please call 254-298-5999, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. to see if your project might be covered by this taskforce.

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