First half sales reports are coming out, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic we can definitely see a change in our normal habits.

According to a report from Unilever, dramatic changes in sales took place in 2020, and it's actually kind of humorous to look through.

The first big thing to stand out: Due to the widespread closure of many restaurants during the initial shutdown phases, Unilever noticed a change in Ice cream sales.

"Sales of ice cream for consumption in-home increased by 15% in the first half and by 26% in the second quarter, significantly offsetting the declines in out-of-home channels. Magnum and Ben and Jerry’s continued to grow strongly."

I mean obviously a lot of us sat at home binging our favorite shows, and of course we had our only friends Ben & Jerry to keep us company. It really makes me feel like we were united in our love of ice cream through this. For those of you who claim not to be emotional eaters, we see you. The numbers don't lie!

Plus the majority of gyms are closed now, and who are we really trying to impress? This leads me to the next dramatic change that Unilever reported, which is a decline in personal care products.

"Lockdowns in our markets and reduced personal care occasions amidst restricted living, led to lower demand for skin care, deodorants and hair care, which each saw volume and price decline. The division’s largest brand Dove remained resilient, with mid-single digit growth."

I've worked through the entire pandemic, so personal care products have remained popular in my house. No judgement for those of you who have been taking the all natural route - just be sure to kick that habit before you return to work please!

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