We have all seen the 'ball drop' to ring in the New Year in Times Square but what about here in Texas? It's pretty common to find a city or two in each state that drops something unique for the New Year. In Alabama they drop a giant Moonpie at midnight.

In Wisconsin they drop a giant cheese wedge. In Nashville it's an 80-foot tall guitar.

In Texas, it's mostly giant ball drops similar to that of New York. Surely we can find a Moonpie of our own to drop at midnight?

Instead of a mirror ball can't we drop get somebody to drop a giant Buc-ees sign, or a giant Alamo? Maybe a giant bucket of Queso?

We want to know what item you would drop in Texas for New Year's Eve? Comment on our facebook or twitter and let us know your suggestion!

Austin, Houston, McAllen, and San Antonio are probably the 4 Texas cities best known for New Year's Eve drops. Let's check em out!

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    Austin, Texas - 6th Street at Midnight

    For a while the tradition in Austin was to drop a Lone Star at midnight. That changed around 2006 over to a mirror ball. No matter what is being dropped, ya can't beat the 6th Street atmosphere.

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    Houston, Texas - Hyatt Regency

    For a long time Houston was know for raising a star to symbolize the Lone Star state on New Year's Eve.

    These days you can bank on a good time at the Hyatt Regency in Houston. Check out their New Year's Eve 50,000 balloon drop!

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    McAllen, Texas - Downtown

    McAllen drops a Texas sized mirror ball of it's own on New Year's Eve for a crowd of about 10,000! The Party is complete with a laser light show!

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    San Antonio, Texas - The Tower Of The America's

    In San Antonio they raise the elevators on the Tower Of Tower of The Americas and kick off a top notch fireworks display!