The Dallas Cowboys won big against the Washington Redskins 47-16, but it didn't matter since the Eagles beat the Giants giving them the top spot in the NFC East.

Many believe that Jason Garrett's days of coaching America's team are over. Urban Myer and Lincoln Riley are the top two names floating around as possible replacements.

I'm not fully sold on the idea that Garrett will be entirely let go from Dallas, Jerry Jones seems to be very attached to the former backup quarterback and could keep him on in another position. I mean, like him or hate him, the Cowboys are always talented when Garrett is around. What about keeping him on as a consultant of sorts? He may not like it, but I do.

Personally, keeping Garrett around as long as they did doesn't bother me half as much as Jerry giving Zeke a big contract before Dak. Ezekiel Elliott is very talented but is constantly getting in trouble and occasionally outperformed by his backup.

Dak Prescott on the other hand always says the right thing to the media, is a leader, and statistically a top-ten, if not a top-five, quarterback in the NFL. Good guys finish last, but golly do I want to see him win a Super Bowl.



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