I've spent my entire adult life, all 18 years of it, half my life, in the radio business. I turned 18 on April 30, 1996.  I started in radio as a promotion assistant, wearer of the radio station mascot costume, before the end of May.

I'll admit, while a lot more actual work than you might expect, my time in radio has been a ton of fun.  I've met some of my music idols along the way.  I've met too many interesting people to mention here.  I get to play "pretend" every single day, and I get paid for it.

That doesn't mean there aren't the drawbacks.  I've missed many sports events for my two boys.  I've not had time to take my wife on a true date night in a while.  I find myself at work at the oddest of hours.  That's where we pick up here.