It takes a special kind of person, destined for a special place in the bowels of hell, to steal from a family's home in the chaos following a devastating tornado.  Yet, that's exactly what some a$$clown did in Moore, OK following yet another deadly tornado.

It's not like I'd expect a thief to think in such manners, but when you figuratively kick someone while they're down and steal from them at their lowest & most vulnerable moment, you need to be put on top of the nearest radio tower to serve as a lightning rod the next time a storm rolls through.

The city of Moore, OK has been hit three times now with deadly tornadoes, and the residents are still trying to pick up the pieces from the last storm to hit the Oklahoma City suburb.  You'd think they'd be pros by now, but when one family didn't have the time to board up their home before they had to leave they hoped the police patrolling the neighborhood would prevent such a gutless move. - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |