Taylor Swift released her video for 'Blank Space,' and I can't stop watching it, and thinking about it. It's not only a great song, but the video is captivating and has a dark side.

Yes, Taylor is gorgeous in what is basically a fashion show of a music video. She changes clothes on average every 12 seconds. Wearing everything from cute sweater and skirt sets to Oscar de La Renta, and even Ralph Lauren Riding pants.

Not only is the song stuck in my head, but the gorgeous imagery from the video won't go away either. I'm suddenly craving a new evening gown the inevitable holiday parties that are right around the corner.

I love how she's all pretty and perfect, but there's an edge to the character as well. You can see it at the beginning of the video when she first invites him in. This girl might just become a crazy ex.

If you're as obsessed with it as I am, you can download the app for the video like I just did, but I didn't very far into it before I realized there was an American Express End User Agreement that was 15 swipes long on my iPhone screen. I chose not to give my information to the card company, and it would not let me advance any further, so I deleted the app and all of its data from my phone.

Oh well, I guess I'll just watch the video again.