In-N-Out Burger is now planing two store openings in North Austin!  The long awaited store that is opening in Round Rock at the Round Rock Outlet Mall is slated for an opening date by the end of the year will now have a twin sister in Cedar Park off the 183 toll road and Whitestone Blvd.  For those of you that know me, this puts me in quite a pickle...  I am basically sandwiched between these two locations, or in this case I guess I would be double doubled animal style.  I married a girl that is from California and was raised on this franchise so I guess I need to find another way home, or a new place to live otherwise I will find myself neck deep in leftovers and discarded In-N-Out wrappers.

It seems that more and more businesses that have typically been only in one area are moving to Texas.  Let us know on the B106 Facebook what businesses YOU think should come to Central Texas!