A legendary burger chain is headed to Killeen.

In-N-Out burger, a Southern California-based restaurant, is famous world-wide. The wildly popular chain has been featured in dozens of movies (including a personal favorite, “The Big Lebowski”) and anyone with a friend who’s tried the food has doubtless heard how amazing it is. Now residents in Killeen will have their chance to see what all fuss is about.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, developer Pacific KBC, L.L.C. plans to build at 2501 South W.S. Young Drive. The new location is sure to become a Mecca for die-hard burger lovers throughout the Killeen/Temple area.

The company has been expanding into Texas for the past few years, starting with an opening just outside Dallas that literally brought one woman to tears. Texas is the fifth state In-N-Out has expanded to since its founding. Openings in other parts of the state have caused huge frenzies and long lines among die-hard In-N-Out fans. Check out this video of a line of cars in Allen, Texas:


Last year, plans were announced to open an In-N-Out in Round Rock, making the city the home of the chain's first Central Texas location.  The Round Rock location is set to open sometime later this year.

The Chamber also announced Killeen would be home to the area's first Panera Bread, Co as well as a CVS drugstore.

No word yet on an official opening date, but we will definitely keep everyone posted.

Additional reporting by Rebecca Rose