Due to a court ruling, Irish legislators are working overtime to pass new legislation regarding certain drugs, including ecstasy, leaving the drug legal until legislation passes.

Photo by David Handschuh/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

We may now know why leprechauns are so happy and always think they see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Ecstasy isn't the only temporarily-legal drug in Ireland.  Many recent additions to the spectrum of abused drugs, including ecstasy, ketamine and crystal meth, are all legal until new legislation can be written, approved, signed and executed.

Consider it to be the plot for Ireland's version of The Purge, just with more drugs and more overdoses.  Here's why I'm ok with this;  First of all, it's not going to affect my family.  Second, the anarchist in me wants to see bad things happen to first-world governments.  You just know that the government would use such an oversight to THEIR advantage if given the opportunity, so why not see it go the other way?

This isn't the US government, after all, where bills and laws go to die in committee.  This is the Irish government.  They'll have something written up and submitted for a vote before happy hour even begins.  After all, nothing ruins a good whiskey buzz quicker than some hopheads loaded up on crystal meth and ecstasy acting like buffoons.