Fridays at the station are hectic, so I was hesitant to make an appointment on a Friday, but after looking at my caterpillar eyebrows in the mirror I agreed to an appointment at 11:40 on a Friday. I made the 25-minute drive and I pulled up to the parking lot at 11:28 and walked into the store where I had my appointment scheduled. I figured I could look around and see all the cool products they have while I killed some time. I looked over to the eyebrow area and noticed no one was there, I figured walking up to the front counter might be my best option. I walked up and said, "Hi I have an appointment and am wondering if I need to check in with you?" The lady at the counter responded with "Oh she had a medical emergency." I realized there was no other person in the store that was considered a brow expert and I was out of luck, and definitely out of time. I explained that I had driven quite a ways and that I was strapped on time. The lady at the counter simply replied with "You can come back to the salon and 1:00 or schedule for another day. I was just about to start calling people to let them know." her nonchalant manner towards my situation is probably what made me shut my mouth and just turn around and walk out. There was no apology, no attempt to try and make the situation better, just indifference. I walked away upset that my caterpillars were still on my face, but mainly sad because of the treatment I received at a place that I frequent often and like many other women spend a lot of money there every year.

I was a server at my families restaurants for several years. Good service always ensures repeat customers. I am slowly seeing situations with horrid customer service happen very often. When I get great service at a restaurant my instinct is to automatically tip double so they know that great service is very much appreciated. If I didn't give out great service, I suffered, my tips would take a hit and I couldn't afford that. I didn't hate to serve people if they treated me well we both had a stellar time. If they talked down to me I just shook it off and kept going. I was always taught that great customer service was a standard. Why are we not teaching this to our employees or to our kids?

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