There's now an organization that helps preserve your loved ones tattoos so you can frame them and hang them on the wall.

Yep. It's now a thing to slice up your dead relative and hang his skin on the wall.

The organization is called N.A.P.S.A. or, The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art. They offer a way for loved ones to save a piece of the dearly departed in the form of tattoos.

Some say that a lot of their art are dedications to loved ones who've passed, so they want that act of love saved forever. Now they can.

"Oh this is an interesting piece. What is it?"

"Well, that is skin from my father's chest. He loved the tattoos he got of his parents and the two sons he lost in the war. When he died, he requested we saved the tattoos and hang them up for everyone to see. Would you like to have some fava bean pattee and a nice Chianti?"

So, when a picture of a tattoo on a dead person just won't do, grab a scalpel and a frame and go to town.

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