There's apparently no love lost between ISIS and the Taliban, as both groups have declared holy war on each other.

News of the mutual jihad came two days after a Taliban spokesperson condemned an ISIS attack on a bank in Jalalabad, Afghanistan where government workers are known to cash their paychecks.

That's right: the Taliban has condemned a terrorist attack.

But there's apparently been bad blood between the two groups for some time now. Taliban and ISIS fighters have engaged in skirmishes against each other in recent months, and Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has ordered his fighters to show zero tolerance toward the ISIS flag being raised in Afghanistan. The order comes at a time when ISIS is making inroads in the region and recruiting former Taliban fighters disillusioned with their old command.

Meanwhile, ISIS leader Abdu Bakar Al-Baghdadi has called Omar a "fool" and and "illiterate warlord" with no spiritual or political credibility.

As amusing as it may be to think of these two radical groups waging war on each other, it's unfortunate that so many civilians will have to suffer because of their warped ideology.